Sunday, 22 November 2015

Diary 22nd November 2015

Well what a night. Although I didn't have vicious dreams or anything of that sort, the negativity was trying to crawl back. This was evident, by means of talking about Coming out etc., etc., last night with Ailish. Its unfortunate but as one would say, "Nothing lasts forever".

I then got up when I heard my sis at the door. We chatted for a bit. I then afterwards got grub for her and myself. For the first time, in forever, (see what I did there - hahaha), they had no Paper Bags, so I to make do with a box, like the way they do in Lidls. hahahaha. I then went down to Nicos and Tasty Gardens to get myself a takeout. eheheh. We saw Mom briefly. I was very disheartened to learn that my aunt who's not well spoken of Colette that she suffered a Mini Stroke. I was literally speechless. Never thought I'd see the day. I can only wish her a speedy recovery. So then I headed back to her place. heeheh for to see Ted 2(Review here)

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