Friday, 12 June 2015

Diary 12th June 2015

Interesting day ahead of me. hahahaa. Got up looking forward to seeing my mates in the Outhouse etc., So I set off heading to the Outhouse. ON the way, I encountered a cyclist being knocked down by a person who did not look to see if there was an oncoming cyclist. The car was pulling up and never looked by opening up the door. There was a buzz of activity. The cafe was closed as David wasn't around. So we just chatted for a bit amongst ourselves. Then David arrived, however was too late to serve tea. So Gerry suggested that we go to a cafe outside. So we chugged along and looked for one. I said that in New York, it wouldn't be a bother looking for a cafe, haahah. So we all ended up in McDonald's in Mary's St. Searson, O' Farrell, Gerry and I, all headed to McDonalds. Was great chat we had. I told Gerry of my fabulous Bike ride. I whole heatedly enjoyed my time out in Bray/Greystones. I just said that I only use my Dad's head. haahhah.

I then headed to the cinema, to see San Andreas 3D. It was with great regret, that I actually did leave behind my card. So chugged back to the lads. 

We all dispersed, went our desperate ways. The two Brendan's went for the bus, I along with Gerry headed to go to the car that Gerry drives. He drives from Shankhill every week, hence how I was able to bring in my wonderful journey last Sunday.

So I headed on home. On the way home, I encountered another fire whereby it was there the last time my sis and I were walking home from her place. When I came back my sis was there to greet me. It became apparent that my love for relatives etc., is actually a "medication" for my depression. 

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