Friday, 29 May 2015

San Andreas

Oh wow, what to say about this film. hahaha. Mind blowing it was. Very emotional thou in particular at the end. The music would even help with your emotions too. For e.g, when the boat was being washed ashore, these two elderly couple hugged each other as if they were gonna die(which technically they did) and the music was like as Titanic kinda feel. You were left on the edge of your seat. Sound effects wow. Just wow. Music fantastic. Watch out for the new Hans Zimmer, Andrew Lockington. His music score in the film, was mind blowing. As I said to my mate, keep an eye out for Andrew. The only fault thou, was the PLOT. I couldn't get the plot. Two words my friend surmised it as "No plot". I literally can't give a plot. That simple. hahaah. But everything else, just wow.

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